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By J. C. McKeown

"A cupboard of Roman Curiousities" is subtitled "Strange stories and dazzling evidence from the World's maximum Empire." i assumed it sounded attention-grabbing and will be a enjoyable learn. it truly is truly beautiful fascinating, yet it isn't that enjoyable. it truly is essentially a thesaurus of Roman proof prepared byt subject (family, meals, the military, etc.) yet after the 1st couple of tidbits in every one part, it truly is stretching to be wonderful. The evidence are, good, simply authentic. it truly is most likely a greater e-book for selecting up and studying an excerpt or at a time than a entrance to again learn. i attempted to learn it via and received bored, yet flipping round pages was once exciting adequate.

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Conversely, but just as paradoxically, Caligula made all three of his sisters, who were all married, honorary vestal virgins. d. 9). Vestal virgins had privileged seats at public spectacles. It is perhaps a little difficult to reconcile their staid and sober demeanor with the rabid fanaticism known to have been displayed by spectators at horse races and gladiatorial shows. Prudentius, a Christian poet at the end of the 4th century, notes this paradox in describing a vestal’s ringside reaction to a gladiatorial bout: w omen • 15 She jumps up when the blows strike home and every time the winner sticks his sword in his opponent’s neck.

There would have been little need for a slave to accompany Trajan, reminding him of his mortality, since he was already dead and about to be deified. 6). , the armaments that he captured included 120 large catapults and 281 smaller ones intended for use in sieges. 166). 6). d. 9). You could appreciate the power of the catapult by the events of that night. A soldier standing on the wall near Josephus was struck by it. His head t he a rmy • 39 Germans executing Germans under the supervision of the Roman cavalry, on the Column of M.

30 • a c abinet of r oman c uriosities Payment of five hundred denarii (DENARIOS QVINGENTOS) to fighters for every leopard killed. d. 301, promulgated not long after this mosaic was created, set the daily wage for a farm worker at twenty-five denarii. “One and one, two; two and two, four [unum et unum duo; duo et duo quattuor] was a loathsome chant to me” (St. 22, in one of his many outbursts of disgust at his schooldays). A boy should begin his education with the Greek language, since he will in any case absorb Latin, the language which most people use.

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