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She tugged the towel on the inside-tub rod to dry her face. Usually, she didn’t bring the telephone into the bathroom. However, last night her youngest sister had called to report that their mother was experiencing a major housecleaning fit. At such times, their father made himself scarce, which upset Patrice Sheridan, who maintained she only kept a perfect house to please him. In truth, Tess and her sisters realized their mother entered housecleaning overload whenever she felt neglected or under some other equally disturbing Mike-Sheridan-induced stress.

She leaned back against the tub, the jasmine-scented water splashing and her breathing choppy. In her rush, she’d positioned the towel width-wise, and the wet terry cloth hovered at the tops of her thighs. ” Her face warmed. His concern segued into libidinous male interest. ” “Too bad,” he murmured. The drenched towel rasped against her nipples, and a satisfying buzz centered between her thighs. She wiggled her hips, and the buzz deepened. Hmm. She’d never before considered the erotic possibilities of having a towel in the tub—but she did now.

He still remembered the overflowing bowl of gumballs displayed in the big guy’s office when Zach and Ethan were kids. G. and his wife provided muchneeded solace to their grief-stricken father. And to them. com A Little Wild their father’s catchphrase for the family once their mother was gone—had shared many Sunday dinners with the Greenburgs over the years. G. think of cool, collected Teresa Sheridan in her seductive guise as Tess S.? Not that Zach intended to betray her secrets to her boss. After all, he didn’t qualify for sainthood himself, and he remained foggy on the extent of those secrets.

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