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And here is your solicitor,’ announced Jane. It was. There were, in fact, two. Geoffrey Johnson, who led their way into the ward, was the family lawyer, a plump, usually smiling man who smoked oddly shaped and carved pipes and drove a vintage Bentley. That evening he wasn’t smiling. Momentarily he stood beside the bed, twitching towards a handshake he didn’t complete when he saw her bandages. Equally unsure of how to greet Jennifer, he instead at once introduced the other man as Humphrey Perry.

This time she held it dagger-like, stabbing again and again, driving him back initially against the glass and then on to the ground. As he lay there, helpless, she stabbed and slashed more, her head thrown back as she laughed, hysterically. Blood gouted from Lomax, spurting over the glass before dribbling down in wavering streaks. Finally, leaving the knife protruding from his back, Jennifer lurched exhausted to her feet and stood legs spread-eagled to overlook the trading floor, her outstretched hands pressed against the pane, more blood trickling down from her own wounds.

He was tall, too, the greying hair swept back but worn comparatively long to fashion into two distinct wings, on either side of his head. He affected a slow, measured delivery when he spoke, either in court or out. That afternoon’s stance was a favourite, too: hands clasped behind his back, winged head slightly forward, a lecturing pose. ‘From the papers it looked like a simple domestic,’ said Hall. After only nine months in chambers he wasn’t in a position to argue against any brief but there wasn’t any reason unquestionably to accept whatever he was presented with.

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