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In this regard, by contrast, the word jahalah (synonym of jahiliyyah) is a regular infinitive, but it also can end with ‘ta’, as in jahalat. 47 The point then is that the word jahiliyyah, which is an abstract noun derived from the substantive jahl, can also be considered a nomen verbi and irregular infinitive (masdar). For the sake of completeness, one should consider Wright’s note that ‘the feminine of the relative adjective serves in Arabic as a noun to denote the abstract idea of the thing, as distinguished from the concrete thing itself; and also to represent the thing or things signified by the primitive noun as a whole or totality.

106 These Qur’anic texts suggest that those who are grounded in knowledge yet do not follow God’s order or submit themselves completely to His sovereignty the shari’ah remain jahilun, or juhhal in the status of jahiliyyah. What is known of the ancient Egyptians strongly suggests their civilization was a knowledgeable one. 107 In addition, the statement of the Pharaoh who ruled during the time of Moses108 suggests he was a knowledgeable man, for when Moses says to him ‘My Lord knows best . . the Pharaoh replied: “O people!

He is the Guardian. His are the keys of the heavens and the earth. Those that deny the signs of Allah will surely be the losers. Say [O Muhammad]: Is it some one other than Allah that you order me to worship, oh jahilun ones? (Qur’an 39: 63–64) The Qur’an refers to them in the Qur’anic command to the Prophet to ‘Pronounce judgement among them according to what Allah has revealed and do not be led by their desires. Take heed lest they [ jahilun ones] turn you [O Muhammad] away from a part of that which Allah has revealed to you.

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