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By M. Perret Catipovic

This selection of vintage and modern essays - from the likes of Freud, Blos and Laufer - makes an important contribution to the reassessment of psychoanalytic realizing and remedy of adults.

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Katan, M. Klein, Landauer, A. Reich). A detailed bibliography attached to the review contained altogether forty-one papers by thirtyfour authors, covering apparently every theoretical, clinical, and technical aspect of the subject. But in spite of this impressive list of contributors and contributions the dissatisfaction with our knowledge of the field remained unaltered, nor did our own, or the parents', confidence in our analytic skill with adolescent patients increase. There was now much published evidence to the contrary; nevertheless, adolescence remained, as it had been before, a stepchild in psychoanalytic theory.

The education of boys by male persons (by slaves, in antiquity) seems to encourage homosexuality. The frequency of inversion among the present-day aristocracy is made somewhat more intelligible by their employment of menservants, as well as by the fact that their mothers give less personal care to their children. In the case of some hysterics it is found that the early loss of one of their parents, whether by death, divorce or separation, with the result that the remaining parent absorbs the whole of the child's love, determines the sex of the person who is later to be chosen as a sexual object, and may thus open the way to permanent inversion.

While the individual is engaged in this struggle, insufficient libido is available to cathect the person of the analyst, or to flow back regressively and reinvest former objects and positions. Consequently, neither the transference events nor the past become meaningful enough to yield material for interpretation. The immediate object (of love, or of mourning) has to be given up before analytic therapy can become effective. To my mind the libidinal position of the adolescent has much in common with the two states described above.

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