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By Raji M. Rammuny

A linguistic smorgasbord of real-life Arabic texts

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T h e scorpion at the bottom of the picture holds its tail ready to sting. The blossoms of the water lily and the holy lily lay dying in the mud from which they at o n e time grew. The next stage: the snake, symbol of transformation. It is prepared to deliver the deadly bite when appropriate. T h e fish, the old past, could become its victim. T h e phoenix can only rise after the fire of transformation has consumed all, turning it to ashes. The skeleton is wearing the funeral head-covering used in ancient Egypt.

T h e sheer force of spiritual transformation causes the masks of personality and the limitations of the small »I« to become meaningless. Stubborn willfullness and fear can be dropped as the water-bearer gives herself u p , more and more, to the workings of the newly-freed spirit. T h e receptive antennas must, however, be subjected regularly to careful purifying and cleansing. If reception is disturbed by self-seeking tendencies, the tremendous energies at hand can have a devastating effect. Enthusiasm may become fanatacism, inspiration may become illusion.

T h e crocodile represents the god of creativity (see T h e Fool). It holds two tools in its hands. In the right is the Egyptian A n k h , symbol of life; every creative act brings something to life. T h e staff with the hook at the end is a symbol of the possibility we have to forge our own luck. We can recognize and attract good opportunities and make use of them. T h e center of the wheel represents the Sun, origin and unification of all creative energies. It is also a symbol of awareness, realization, enlightenment.

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