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By Willy Apollon

The authors use examples from their very own scientific perform to give an explanation for the advance of Lacanian concept.

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Animals, by contrast, have an organism, a biological machine regulated by needs that must be satisfied. The body is contrasted from the organism insofar as it is a body that is spoken of (un corps parlé), carved up and made visible by language. It is the image we look at in the mirror, an image built up of the look, the words and the desire of the Other. The body is always the body as it has been eroticized. Moreover, the sight of the organism always yields a feeling of strangeness. An X-ray of an organ strikingly demonstrates the difference between the real of the organism and the imaginary of the body.

The other (small o) describes this position in terms of the imaginary register; the Other (large O) is more commonly the concern of the present collection and describes this position in terms of the symbolic order. But the Other means more than its face as the symbolic Other, for this register always implies more; language is irreducible to its properties as a system; there is more to the alterity of language. Because the subject must go through the Other for the satisfaction of needs, and because the response (or nonresponse) of the Other seems unpredictable, the subject will suppose that the possibility of satisfaction is subject to the demands, desires, and requirements of the Other, that he or she occupies a certain position in terms of the jouissance of the Other.

The next chapter on the fantasy (chap. 8) continues Apollon’s theoretical work with case material to follow the clinical process through to the traversal of fantasy that marks the end of analysis. The chapter follows the case of Marguerite, a young woman whose frigidity derives, she says, from her fear of fainting during sexual intercourse. Her analysis turns upon two dreams. While the dream attempts to accommodate Introduction 25 insistent jouissance by way of the signifier, the jouissance that the dream fails to reduce shows itself in the symptom.

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