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By C. G. Jung, William McGuire

For C. G. Jung, 1925 used to be a watershed yr. He became fifty, visited the Pueblo Indians of latest Mexico and the tribesmen of East Africa, released his first publication at the ideas of analytical psychology intended for the lay public, and gave the 1st of his formal seminars in English. The seminar, performed in weekly conferences in the course of the spring and summer time, begun with a significantly own account of the improvement of his considering from 1896 as much as his holiday with Freud in 1912. It moved directly to discussions of the elemental tenets of analytical psychology--the collective subconscious, typology, the archetypes, and the anima/animus idea. within the elucidation of that idea, Jung analyzed intimately the symbolism in Rider Haggard's She and different novels. in addition to those literary paradigms, he made use of case fabric, examples within the wonderful arts, and diagrams.

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Henry) Cowell. After divorcing Robertson, she married the American composer Henry Cowell. She continued a friendship with Radin. 20 Some of the extracts do not occur in Cary de Angulo’s transcript; in the present edition these are given as addenda. 21 Gerhard Wehr, Jung: A Biography, tr. D. M. Weeks (Boston and London, 1987), p. 6. Cf. Jung, “Marriage as a Psychological Relationship” (1925), CW 17, pars. ; and “Mind and Earth” (1927), CW 10, pars. 4gff. See also Sinnsuche oder Psychoanalyse: Briefwechsel Graf Hermann Keyserling—Oskar A.

G. Jung’s Medium: Die Geschichte der Helly Preiswerk (Munich, 1975), and summary in James Hillman, “Some Early Background to Jung’s Ideas: Notes on C. G. Jung’s Medium . . ,” Spring, 1976, pp. 123–36. 6 See Psychological Types (CW 6), Def. 18. v. Cf. Jung’s later seminar on Also Sprach Zarathustra (1934–1939), in the present series, with an introduction by James L. Jarrett discussing Jung’s interest in Nietzsche. 8 Friedrich von Müller. Cf. MDR, p. 107/110. 9 Richard von Krafft-Ebing, Lehrbuch von Psychiatrie auf klinische Grundlage, 4th ed.

F. Baynes as “The Unconscious in the Normal and Pathological Mind,” which together with another work of a synoptic character, “The Relations between the Ego and the Unconscious,”3 composed the Two Essays in Analytical Psychology. The Two Essays continued for many years to be regarded as the introduction of choice. 4 He celebrated his fiftieth birthday, on July 26th, in Swanage, on the south coast of England. 5 Throughout those venturesome travels, Jung’s companions were English and American: in the Southwest, George F.

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