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Applying the standard of modern ideas, how should we judge this sentiment and act? Of course, we should consider tonius, how is it a strange and absurd mistake. Sue- on the contrary, quotes the incident to prove wise Vespasian was. In this divergence of opinion revealed the essential difference between ourselves and the ancients, Greco-Roman between modern civilisation civilisation, for all that these each other in so many particulars ; and resemble the principal differ- ence between the ancient world and America.

The ancients then abstained from inventing and constructing machines, not from lack of knowledge but from lack of will. The seemed to them effort useless, nay, pernicious; and the enterprise did not attract them. It remains, therefore, to consider why the ancients, in their great struggle to extend the dominion of man over nature, felt no need of help from swift engines of iron, and, therefore, did not make the effort necessary to invent them. This is a question of the highest importance for the history of civilisation, for by its solution only can we gain an insight into what is perhaps the most profound difference between ancient and modern this: The civilisation.

Any known these rich donors: a kind of Carnegie, Morgan, of of and Suetonius, for instance, tells us what sums Augustus spent in the course of his life, out of his private patrimony, on public objects. Augustus himself in the famous Monumentum Ancyranum, the great inscription found in Asia, in which he , gives a clear resume of the story of his life, enumerates many of the gifts which he made to the public out of his own pocket. On several occasions, he simply liquidated the deficit in the Empire's budget out of his private purse.

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