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By H. G. Wells

Whereas jogging within the Swiss Alps, English visitors fall right into a space-warp, and all of sudden locate themselves in one other global. in lots of methods almost like our personal - even all the way down to the characters that inhabit it - this new planet remains to be by some means greatly assorted, for the 2 walkers at the moment are upon a Utopian Earth managed through a unmarried global govt. right here, as they quickly examine, all percentage a standard language, there's sexual, financial and racial equality, and society is governed by means of socialist beliefs enforced by way of an austere, voluntary elite: the 'Samurai'. yet what's going to the Utopians make of those new viewers from a much less excellent global?

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See P’an, Tailor. P’an Chin-lien’s maternal aunt, younger sister of old Mrs. P’an. P’an Chin-lien’s maternal aunt’s daughter, adopted by old Mrs. P’an to look after her in her old age. P’an Chin-lien’s mother. See P’an, old Mrs. P’an Chin-lien’s reincarnation. See Li Family of the Eastern Capital. P’an, Demon-catcher. See P’an, Taoist Master. P’an family prostitution ring operating out of My Own Tavern in Lin-ch’ing, madam of. P’an the fifth, white slaver, masquerading as a cotton merchant from Shantung, who operates a prostitution ring out of My Own Tavern in Lin-ch’ing, buys Sun Hsüeh-o from Auntie Hsüeh, and forces her to become a singing girl.

Li Kuei-chieh, Cassia, daughter of Auntie Li the Third, niece of Li Chiao-erh and Li Ming, younger sister of Li Kuei-ch’ing, singing girl from the Verdant Spring Bordello on Second Street in the licensed quarter of Ch’ing-ho, deflowered by Hsi-men Ch’ing, who maintains her as his mistress for twenty taels a month, adopted daughter of Wu Yüeh-niang, betrays Hsi-men Ch’ing with Ting the Second, Wang Ts’ai, and others. Li Kuei-chieh’s fifth maternal aunt. Li Kuei-ch’ing, daughter of Auntie Li the Third, niece of Li Chiao-erh and Li Ming, elder sister of Li Kuei-chieh, singing girl from the Verdant Spring Bordello on Second Street in the licensed quarter of Ch’ing-ho.

Tsung Tse (1059–1128), general-in-chief of the Southern Sung armies who retakes parts of Shantung and Hopei from the Chin invaders on behalf of Emperor Kao-tsung. Tu the Third, maternal cousin of Ying Po-chüeh. Tu the Third’s page boy. Tu the Third’s wife. Tu Tzu-ch’un, privy councilor under a previous reign living in retirement in the northern quarter of Ch’ing-ho, engaged by Hsi-men Ch’ing to indite the inscription on Li P’ing-erh’s funeral banderole. Tuan, Big Sister, wife of Ts’ui Pen. Tuan, Big Sister’s father.

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