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Introduces the middle innovations, evaluates how profitable they are often, in addition to what difficulties will be encountered Dispels a variety of myths surrounding agile improvement

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The reason for considering yet another method is that iterative lifecycles (such as those promoted by agile methods) tend to be more complex than linear one. ). This involves asking some of the following questions as iterations progress: r How are we progressing relative to the overall goal of the system? r What are the priorities now and how have they changed? r What issues and risks does the project now face? r How can the issues and risks be addressed or mitigated? Given that agile approaches are trying to keep things simple (or at least as simple as possible without undermining the overall goal of producing a working system), we need some way of managing the uncertainty inherent in an agile approach.

This phase should also produce an outline plan for the development of the end product. The Business Study phase of the project should have three outputs; these should be the Business Area Definition (BAD), the System Architecture Definition (SAD) and the Outline Prototyping plan: r Business Area Definition. Identifies the high-level requirements and provides a process description of the end product. r System Architecture Definition. Sketches out the architecture of end system. Note that it is likely that this will evolve over the life of the project.

7. You can think of everything from the start. One problem with UML style models is that they are static – that is, you cannot execute them. So, it is hard to determine whether they cover “enough” or whether you have missed out some critical areas. Therefore, believing that you can think of everything and cover all eventualities at the start of modelling is wrong for all but the simplest systems. 8. Modelling is a waste of time. I have both heard, and had to deal with, this myth. This myth represents the extreme opposite of that promoted by the waterfall boys – that is, designing models has no benefit, just get on with the coding – that’s what you are delivering after all.

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