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By Kingsley Amis

Brian Leonard, a Monty Python of mystery brokers, meets James Churchill, a tender officer, at an English military base the place arrangements are less than method for Operation Apollo. To complicate issues, Churchill has long gone round-the-bend for a parole from the psychological ward.
Thrown among those unfastened cannons is a widowed attractiveness who practices "conspicuous polyandry," an unfocused psychiatrist, an unbelieving chaplain, and an enthralling alcoholic.
"Amis delights in combining espionage, violence, love and non secular skepticism. Such disparate parts, like dishpans and fireplace earrings, problem his juggler's dexterity. Who wins? The reader!" (Publisher's resource)

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At last you did persuade me to make peace with Pompey because of all he had done for me and with Caesar because of his power. Oh, how I worked to bring the two of them together and so won the affection of both, at least as much as any man could have. We calculated that if I were friends with Pompey I wouldn’t have to set aside my political beliefs and that, since he was a close ally of Caesar, I ought to work with the latter as well. Now you and I can both see that the great battle between them is about to begin.

I don’t need to go into the details of what these are, for it should be obvious. It is enough that I mention it. The most important thing for public officials to avoid is even the suspicion of greed and personal gain. Long ago, Gaius Pontius the Samnite said, “I wish fate had allowed me to live in an age when Romans accepted bribes. ” He would have waited many generations for this to happen, for only recently has the evil of corruption reached our country. I’m glad therefore that Pontius lived when he did, for he was a mighty man.

Don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed by a great flood of responsibilities. Rise up and face the difficulties that come your way or even go out to meet them. Fortune does not rule over your leadership in government. For the most part, your success depends on your own intelligence and hard work. If you were thrown into some great, dangerous war and your term of office were extended, I might worry more that the winds of fortune could blow you about. But as I said, chance has nothing or at least very little to do with how you carry out your duties to your country.

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