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By H. Wänke, G. Dreibus, E. Jagoutz (auth.), Professor A. Kröner, Professor G. N. Hanson, Professor A. M. Goodwin (eds.)

Archaean Geochemistry 1972 - 1984 The realisation that the continental crust includes well-preserved relics which date way back to 4/5 of the Earth's age has given a good impetus to the research of early Precambrian terrains. As past due because the mid-sixties the Archaean nonetheless constituted the 'terra-in­ cognita' of earth technology. excessive metamorphic grades, bad out­ crop, and never least a largely assumed obliteration of early crustal files through convective recycling and thermal remodeling had com­ bined to deter learn during this box. many glorious neighborhood experiences existed, particularly round gold mining centres, yet remained unrelated to a broader neighborhood and theoretical figuring out. this case has replaced because the outcome of 2 inter-related components: (1) advances in isotopic tools and their program to Precambrian rocks, and (2) the popularity that a number of the oldest terrains have retained a wealth of basic igneous and sedi­ mentary textures or even geochemical characteristics.

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1 Introduction Chemical and isotopic studies of Archaean mafic and ultramafic volcanic rocks are relevant to a number of important questions including: 1. 2. 3. 4. the composition of the bulk Earth, core and the primitive mantle; the chemical effect of core-mantle differentiation; the early history of the actively evolving mantle-crust system; the chemical effect of meteorite bombardment events in the early history of the Earth; 5. chemical and isotopic heterogeneities in the Archaean mantle; 6.

Earth Planet Sci Lett 42:202 - 208 Mathis JS, Rumpl W, Nordsieck KN (1977) The size distribution of interstellar grains. Astrophys J 217 :425 - 433 Matsui T, Abe Y (1984) The formation of an impact-generated H20 atmosphere and its implication for the early thermal history of the Earth. Lunar and Planetary Science-XV, pp 517 - 518, Lunar and Planetary Institute, Houston McCammon CA, Ringwood AR, Jackson I (1983) Thermodynamics of the system Fe-FeO-MgO at high pressure and temperature and a model for formation of the Earth's core.

Green 1981). g. REE, Ti, Zr, Y, Nb, Ta, P) and major elements such as Al and Ca will be concentrated in the melt. Consequently, the incompatible element ratios of the melt reflect the source character. There are two basic patterns observed among Archaean mafic volcanic rocks (Fig. 7). Samples of the first type show coherence of major and trace elements. On a chondri tic normalized plot they have flat or light REE depleted, heavy REE flat patterns and Ti0 2/P 20 s ratios close to 10. Chondritic ratios are commonly observed among refractory lithophile elements such as Ti/Zr, Ti/Y, Ti/heavy REE, AlITi, and Ca/Ti.

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